The Clarity Rules Manifesto

There is a great movement afoot, and I want to help:

Tribes have been started by the likes of Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen, Nancy Duarte of Slide:ology, Dan Roam, Barbara Minto, Chip and Dan Heath and many others, and more and more, their work is having an effect on all of us:

We are improving the way we think and present.

Clarity Rules is a call to arms in support of this growing movement.

Its goal is to spread this good thinking. To be another voice insisting that clarity is an absolute necessity. To unpick tangled thinking. To smooth out waffle. To kill off bad presenting altogether.
I want Clarity Rules to be a place where everyone can come and share their stories of clarity winning over obscurity, and to make sense of how it can be done.

I want use this blog to assemble everyone's great ideas and techniques into a series of Clarity Rules we can all share and use.

This is a call to you: Please join the movement!

Use ClarityRules to

  • Share your personal clarity stories
  • Share great Clarity Rules you've found elsewhere
  • Share examples you've found of clear thinking overcoming the unclear
  • Share your stories of applying new communication thinking - at work, at home
  • Point out where you find examples of great techniques that can make this happen
  • And let's not accept anything less from the people who communicate around us

So many people are doing so much good work, and I humbly ask for the opportunity to help them spread it.

Greg Stewart.


  1. I remember my old professor saying when writing his memoirs (and included in this book

    “…Scott, I was looking at my various books (over 40) and papers last night (over 300) and I realised something. When I fully understood what I was talking about my written English was clear and could even be understood by a young (then!) researcher like you. However, when I looked at the works that explained things that I didn’t really understand I realise now that I hid beneath jargon and cross referencing as if in an attempt to fool my readers by demonstrating how cleaver I was.” If simplicity of language does not represent a clarity rule then I am the son of an Archaeopteryx with distemper!

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