Five predictions for presentations in 2009

Nancy, one of my Clarity Heroes, over at Duarte design just posted her predictions on what we will see in slide design for PowerPoint in the coming year.

Have a look at her post here.

I think her firm is well-positioned if prediction 5 comes true, (look what they did for Al Gore, after all), and I love (and fervently hope) for #2 to come true (increasingly sophisticated audiences will heckle presenters who prepare badly and who have bad visuals)... love it!, but I'm really interested in her

Prediction #1:
There will be a rise of new visual benchmarks for solving complex communication problems.

She says:
Large photos and sparse text are quickly being adopted...[FINALLY! - you GO, Garr Reynolds!],which is great. But they only work for keynotes and marketing. So what about the physicians, scientists and engineers? Best practices for these folks should arrive in 2009.
What will be the modes for making the complex clear, visually?

Dan Roam (another one of my Clarity Heroes) is having a go with his book Back of the Napkin on visual thinking and problem solving.

Another one of my favourite examples is this old standby: Hans Rosling on TED showing dry world welfare statistics in one of the most engaging presentations I've seen. I've you've seen it before, enjoy it again and if you haven't check this out:
(and remember: by rights, this should be really, really dry)

So the question becomes: What tools will come next, and what skills must we master to be clear with the complex?

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