Feedback from Presentation Zen's Garr Reynolds

It's not a big thing, in the grand scheme of things, but I'm absolutely riding high right now. The other day, via Twitter, I got a little bit of feedback. Not just any feedback mind you (at least not for me)... Clarity Rules got an acknowledgement from one of my Clarity Heroes, Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen (voted one of the best business books of 2008).

Early last week I was on my computer, working away, having sent a Tweet to Garr pointing out the site, and what should come back from him but a reply saying:

"Yes ....Rules! Great site." Garr Reynolds
I'm just thrilled about that. (It's also great to have Japan on my map of reader countries!) Thanks very much, Garr.

PS: If you're reading this and you don't know who Garr Reynolds is or why he's listed as a Clarity Hero on Clarity Rules, here is a blurb about him:

About Garr

Garr Reynolds is currently Associate Professor of Management at Kansai Gaidai University where he teaches Marketing, Global Marketing and Multimedia Presentation Design. Garr is active in the Japanese community and can often be found presenting on subjects concerning design, branding, and effective corporate communications.

Garr is the former Manager of Worldwide User Group Relations at Apple Computer, Inc. in Silicon Valley. With Apple, Garr worked with user groups (brand communities) in the U.S. and Japan and traveled extensively delivering presentations, software demos, and keynote addresses to the firm's most loyal customers. Apple's installed base consists of the most sophisticated and loyal customers a company could dream of. (The only company which has a similar kind of loyal, informed, and fanatical user base is Harley Davidson.) Garr worked closely with user groups while at Apple and had a great time helping out the local user group events such as You Don't Know Mac in Oregon and the Mac Computer Expo in California. Before joining Apple, Garr worked for most of the '90s at the head office of Sumitomo Electric Industries in Osaka.

Garr lives in Osaka, Japan.


  1. Well done on attracting feedback from the best in the business Greg. Your "Clarity Rules" is one of the key notions out there and I for one this that you are also a Clarity Hero!

  2. thanks Scott - that's very encouraging. I really appreciate the comments.