19 Offensive Presentation Techniques

I was just tweeted the link to the 19 offensive presentation techniques.

They're from a site called Paul's blog. He says:

We’ve all sat through some hideous presentations. I sat through one today – run by a partner of a top-tier Melbourne law firm. It almost put me in a coma. The amazing thing is, the presenter appeared to have been trained to provide the presentation in that way. It inspired me to publish a list of terrible presentation techniques which has been growing in my notebook. If you want to give an offensively boring presentation, just do the following:

  1. Use your company’s branding and style guide on every slide of your powerpoint and make them look really neat and clean.
  2. Put as much information as possible in your slides. Have a minimum of two sentences in each slide. Never less.
  3. Don’t use real-life examples that the audience can relate to. Stick to the subject matter.
For the other 16, click through here.

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