Clarity Rules on Alltop

Bit of an exciting day for the Clarity Rules blog today: I just had a short conversation with Guy Kawasaki, and as of this morning, Clarity Rules is now featured in Alltop - in the Leadership section. (Guy is a columnist for Entrepreneur magazine, venture capitalist, former fellow at Apple, and author of nine books including Reality Check, the Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive your Competition Crazy and Selling the Dream),

This inclusion in their 'Top Leadership News' puts Clarity Rules in some very flattering company, listed alongside Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and blogs by Seth Godin, Tom Peters and 800 CEO read (and quite a few more...)

If you don't already know what Alltop is all about, the best way to show you is probably to put up these two pictures: They're drawn by Dan Roam author of Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems with Pictures, and one of our Clarity Heroes:

The way Alltop explains it is as follows:

Being listed was a nice little surprise today. Best of all, it means I get to display the sexy little Alltop badge on the sidebar, which you'll be able to see at right. Made me feel good about writing Clarity Rules. I hope a some new people get to read it as a result. If you're a new reader - hello! And welcome.


  1. This is great news - well done and well deserved!

  2. Thanks, Scott.
    McArthur's Rant should definitely be there.