A periodic table of visualisations

Need help choosing what kind of chart or graphic to use?

I stumbled accross this the other day on Yammer - which is something like Twitter, but for work. In a big company, it kind of allows you to shout across the floor of all the offices...without actually shouting. Great for informal communication.

Anyway, about helping you choose a chart or graphic: This nifty little page is a nice collection that could provide some inspiration.

(That's assuming, of course that you actually NEED a visualisation.) Like PowerPoint, just because they're there, doesn't always mean they should be used.
Nevertheless, having a bunch assembled in one place like this is really handy. Just mouse over each of the 'elements' to see a popup example. Thanks and acknowledgement to http://www.visual-literacy.org/.


  1. Excellent visualisation! Could not download it though.

  2. What an incredibly valuable "one place to go". I liked the elemental analogy although it I don't think it is essential to the subject matter.

    You don't need to download it. Just right click and save it as a web archive file.