5 presentation lessons from the King's Speech

Jesse Desjardins @jessedee pulled together a nice slideshare presentation with five good preso reminders we can take from the popular movie the King's Speech.

The five lessons are the following:

  1. Have faith in your voice
  2. Admit you need help
  3. Put the hours in (!!)
  4. Become an expert from experience
  5. Broadcast a true version of your self (a bit like Garr Reynolds' presenting naked)

Have a peek at his great slideshare slides below. Note the full-bleed images (no logo-every-page-corporate-template-nonsense there) and the appropriate use of typography. I like how well the tone of the font on the 'lessons' pages matches the old school microphone.

Thanks to Darren Rouse @problogger for the tweet.


  1. Excellent example of how to present. I was queried just this week why I wasnt using the corporate template - I tried to explain but habits are very difficult to break down.

  2. This was so very much helpful.