Presenting at Customer Experience Design 2013

This week, representing SMS Management & Technology, I presented at the Customer Experience Design 2013 conference in Darling Harbour, in Sydney Australia. 

Such a beautiful place and I wish I could have stayed an extra night and visited my sister-in-law.  Alas.

The conference was a pretty good day, with case study-style talks from the banking industry, the National Broadband Network, insurance & financial services and industrial product design, as well as thought leadership talks from customer experience design experts. 
My presentation was on Quantifying Customer Experience - the Four Eras of Customer Analytics.  The basic point was that as experience designers, you've got two questions to ask:
1 What's going on, and where should I meddle, (let's call that one question) and
2 If I do, will it be worth it?
While analytics alone are deeply insufficient to drive experience design, if you want to get funding for a customer experience improvement project, you're going to have to satisfy the bean counters.  (I think I was saying "bean counters" when my mate Stephen took this shot.)  And if you're collecting analytics around customer satisfaction, chances are, you're doing it wrong. If your metrics can't tell a story about real business outcomes and show a positive link to increased revenue, then as far as a CFO is concerned, you're dead in the water, and you may as well pack up your Sharpies and your Post-its.
There's a Storify summary of all the Twitter traffic from the conference here. (I have to admit, I did quickly scroll down to the after-lunch portion of the timeline to see what the reaction had been, and if people were saying good or bad things about my talk.) 
You can see the talk on Slideshare above.
(and here is the official link to the pdf in the SMS Publications, and to the Conference recap, which will eventually include the SOUND)
Hope you enjoy.

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